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Welcome to Rogue River Spectroscopy’s web site. Rogue River Spectroscopy (RRS) is a commercial, independent testing laboratory specializing in chemical analysis using Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectroscopy. Founded by well known industrial and forensic chemist and spectroscopist, Dr. Mary Carrabba (formerly Dr. Tungol), Rogue River Spectroscopy offers analytical and consulting services in failure analysis, micro analysis, and laboratory testing using FT-IR for identification of materials and contaminants.

We offer a comprehensive range of FT-IR testing services for customized analyses to solve your particular problem. Typical applications of FT-IR include:

• chemical analysis of polymeric and other organic and inorganic materials
• analysis of pharmaceuticals
• structural analysis of thin film dielectrics
• micro-contaminant and particulate analysis

RRS excels in microspectroscopy and routinely provides analysis for particles as 10 micrometers in diameter (and in some cases even smaller).

When product or production failures occur, Rogue River Spectroscopy can provide failure analysis testing on a wide range of components and materials.

We can be your information source on failure mechanisms, work methods and techniques related to failure analysis.

Rogue River Spectroscopy provides detailed, legally defensible reports and/or expert testimony in a timely manner.


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